Organizing Events & Exhibitions

We collaborate with artists to organise events and exhibitions based on assessment of the artists’ requirements combining with our extensive market knowledge and expertise.

Artwork Consulting and Selection

We help clients select appropriate works for their home, office or public spaces, within the parameters of budget, period, theme and space. This is usually carried out in two steps:-

1- Brainstorming to define client needs.

Guiding clients to identify, Shortlist and Select complementing artists and works

2- Mediating between Client and Artist

We act as mediator between the client and artist for purchasing Original works, Editions or Commissions. During this process, we:-

  • Define exact locations, types, sizes and quantity of artworks required;

  • Styles (modern, contemporary, traditional, pop…)

  • Types (Paintings, Photographs, Prints, Sculptures, Audio, Video…)

  • Techniques (Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Ink, Watercolor, Mix media…)

  • Subject matters & themes (landscape, underwater, portraits..)

  • Number of artworks (quantity)

Purchase and Usage Rights (Copyrights)

We mediate between clients and artists for purchase of copyrights and usage rights which can be any one of the following:-

Purchase of Original: Client receives the rights to display and sell the original artwork.
Full Rights: Client receives Exclusive rights on artwork including display, duplication, modification, editorial and sale of editions.
Limited Editions: Receive an agreed number of Limited editions, non-exclusive rights to display or sell artwork.
Duplication Rights: Receive non-exclusive right to duplicate an unlimited number of editions.
Modification Rights: Client receives non-exclusive right to modify an original artwork or edition.
Editorial Usage: Client receives the right to use artwork in marketing tools as digital (online), print or video formats, such as websites, magazines and advertising videos.

Art Authentication

We issue Certificate of Authenticity to certify Originals and Editions, to serve as guarantee and protection for artists.


We provide you with expert photography solutions to capture the memories of your special occasions.

Client options include Purchase of Exclusive or Limited rights of Originals, Limited/Unlimited Editions or Commissioning Artists.

Photography prices vary from artist to artist (established to upcoming), per image, and usage rights required by the client.


We provide the option for clients to acquire prints of artwork in various photo paper on standard photograph sizes available.

We recommend High quality Photo prints or Art Prints on Archival paper with acid free ink to lengthen lifetime of artworks. Estimate an additional 15-20% on cost of basic photo printing rates.

Rates are subject to quantity. i.e. rates go lower with increasing quantity.


Recommending appropriate quality, matting and framing and overseeing the work.

Local Framing rate is for a general artwork, including;

  • Wooden Frame

  • 2mm Non-reflective glass

  • Mount frame

  • Backboard

  • Hanging hooks

Framer stocks are imported from Singapore and Malaysia. 
Stock-out of framer materials (frames, glass, mount, and backboard) turnaround is 20-25days to the schedule.

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