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Vee Vaal - The idea of someone

  • Bread Matters Green (map)

Vee Vaal - The idea of someone



9 Feb:
Bread Matters Green, Fahiveni Community Center, Carnation Magu, Hulhumale'.

10 - 17 Feb:
Avahteri Gallery, Hulhumale'.



Caricature can be defined as simply, “an Idea of Someone”. The Idea of Someone is extremely adaptable.

Because he or she is a concept rather than a real person, The Idea of Someone can change at a moment’s notice and be whomever you/we desire. The purpose of caricature is to empower and own the idea of how we perceive someone. Unlike portrait which is to capture the person as he/she physically, to immortalise him , i.e. making time redundant, the caricature is to capture the essence of who he/she at a certain moment in time. What makes him/her who she is distinctive from the idea of another, within a particular context in time.

Vee Vaal is about looking at ideas of individuals who distinguish a particular moment in time, so as to project for the purpose of examining our own perception and formulation of a common identifiable society, i.e. Idea of Us, Through our Idea of Someone.