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Sea Change by n.r.

  • Meraki Coffee Roasters Husnuheenaa Magu Malé, Male Maldives (map)

Sea Change by n.r.



03 Mar 18 - 09 Mar 18


Meraki Coffee Shop


8.30pm to 23.30pm




‘As the bubbles broke and parted the water, I found myself lost into the imagery unfolding infront of my eyes and within my mind...eventually the turbulence calms’

Like a thought in your mind, the artist captures a moment in time that disappears as fast as it appeared. Her paintings; calligraphic patterns of blue, green and white, depict an agitated yet unthreatening sea.

N.R. presents a personal journey of deconstruction and reconstruction, through a visually enticing collection of 18 watercolor paintings.